ECHOES, 26 May – 4 June

ECHOES is a choreography for 4 people and is part of the project Avtryck i det Okända- Forcing the Impossible. Echoes was made in cooperation with Minority Studies from Åbo Akademi. The premiere on May 26th is a kick-off for the presentation of the co-created artworks!

Book your seat and get your tickets via liput(a)
Dates: May 26th | May 28th | May 29th | June 2nd | June 4th


Marjan Raar

Koreografi och text/Choreography and text:
The working group/arbetsgruppen

På scenen/On stage:
Robert Stowe, Evgeny Kostyukov, Bror Österlund, Marjan Raar

Musik och ljud/Music and sound:
Bikkie Skeef (Amsterdam)

Baukje Spaltro (Amsterdam)

Ljusdesign och teknik/Light design and technics:
Jukka Haataja

Reino Koivula

Video intro: Leónardo Custódio

Medverkande från Minoritetsstudier-profilen/Contributors from the Minority studies:
Pamela Slotte (professor), Leónardo Custódio (post doktoral forskare/post doctoral researcher).

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