Tipping point

Tipping point is Ulf Långbacka’s interactive composition, performed by Tuuli Lempa (piano), Ilana Gothoni (violin), Henna Jämsä (clarinett & bass clarinett), Olli Lehti (percussion), Ulf Långbacka (keyboard).

The interactive electronic elements, which enables the audience to affect the outcome, are by Teemu Mastovaara. Tipping point also presents graphs displaying the amount of small animals living at the bottom of the sea, recorded sounds from the research fields and statistics for different kinds of “tipping points”, all from research by associate professor Anna Törnroos-Remes.

Uruppförande sker under Forskarnatten i Sibeliusmuseet fre. 24.9 kl. 23.
Vänligen boka din plats här.

Tipping point will premiere in the Sibeliusmuseum during Forskarnatten, on September 24 at 11 pm. Please book your seat here.

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