2022: Aboagora, 25 August

ABOAGORA 2022 will approach wind both literally and metaphorically. The talks and performances will examine air as a basic element of life and ecology, but also address the complex ties between nature, technology, and human experience. The symposium will also examine the ways in which we as individuals and as societies balance between a love of lightness and a desire for power. The event will bring together the ecological and geographical scale, the experiential and lived world, and arts.

Forcing the Impossible is represented in the program with Många röster – Many voices at the inner yard of Arken on Thursday, August 25 at 8 pm. The event is open to the public and free of charge

Nanuli Silagadze’s (FutuDem) research on democratic processes has inspired Frank Berger’s artistic research regarding democracy, dictatorship and interactive elements that play important roles within a democratic system.

Many voices, Berger’s musical composition, will be performed by Frank Berger (hurdy-gurdy and song), Marika Kivinen (song), Olli Liljeström (base) and Lotta Ahlbeck (violin). Additionally, Many voices may involve Street Theatre VIR from Minsk in Belarus.

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