Tipping Point video teaser

It’s FINALLY! time for a new teaser and to present the Tipping point project, which is a collaboration between marine biologist Anna Törnroos Remes at the research profile the Sea and composer Ulf Långbacka!
Watch their video here:

Remember also to sign up for the live event in the Sibeliusmuseum on the Researcher’s Night at 23:00, Friday the 24th of September! In that event also Teemu Mastovaara will be part of the team in this concert.

The video created by Teemu Kyytinen.
Ulf Långbacka and Anna Törnroos Remes in action.

All of this is created in collaboration with @tttv2021 @tutkijoidenyo @aboakademi @stiftelsenabo @kulturfonden

We are also inviting @svenskayle @yleaboland @yle @yleturku @turunsanomat @abounderrattelser @hufvudstadsbladet @aamulehti to the Pressinformation on Wednesday!

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