Constellations of Inspiration

Jan Kenneth Weckman, My Way & The Highway, 2015.

As part of the Forcing the Impossible – Avtryck i det Okända, project I, Laura Hellsten, get to follow the discussions and dialogue that enfolds when artists and researchers get together.

What happens in the meetings vary a lot, depending probably on the personalities but also related to the fields and artistic methods that meet. In some of the projects people are already talking about writing articles together and pondering how they can help and educate each other about their fields. In other projects there is more of a parallel project rhythm, where people are inspired by each other, while still sticking more to their own expertise. I am looking forward to seeing how these processes develop further!

Each time there is a meeting, I myself learn something valuable. Today, the lesson taught was that there seems to be a joint pattern for finding inspiration and keeping ones motivational energy up. The method suggested, after a whole career-span of life, was that it is good to keep many parallel projects going. This way, when I get bored with one thing, there is always another one to turn to. It may seem chaotic, however, do not get fooled by the surface appearance of never-ending circles or seeming lack of structure, things WILL unfold, and in due time, all the fruits can be picked when they are ripe for eating!

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